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Hyrule Warriors - Midna

Hyrule Warriors - Midna

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how evil organization getting ass-kicked by a mere 10-years kid


#omg tho #what if #like what if theyre all just going easy on them bc they are kids
#and they say like lame corny shit to keep up the act
#and they send out fucking rattatas so the kids will purposefully win

my heart.

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after making this post i prety much HAD to draw this

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Random question: Do you know of the TV shows "Undergrads" and "Clone High"?



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"I have a ghost in my house and it possessed my Xbox"

No you just have your boyfriend in your house, and he decided to be a bitch face.

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Josh: “I don’t know where I’m going. Why don’t you help me out instead of running me over”

Brooke: “Heh heh…nah”

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Here are the Mystic Artes from Tales of Symphonia Chronicles!

You can find these and the rest here

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